Culture is not just about monuments and History with a capital “H”. A place’s culture includes its traditions, the region’s cuisine, its forests, its rivers, its lakes, its mountains. These two days will take you to the heart of Friuli’s plains.  
The adventure starts in San Daniele, the land of the prosciutto. An exclusive guided tour inside the Prolongo Prosciuttificio in San Daniele del Friuli will stimulate your five senses and you will discover a new one.

To begin you will be met by the Prolongo family and they will share their family stories that they have passed down for over three generations. You will slowly discover the secrets of their famous product, symbol of San  Daniele del Friuli. Experience the thrill of walking through the seasoning rooms and seeing the majestic  prosciuttos that rest on the fir shelves. You can hear the sound of the sea and the mountain air that permeates these walls. You can touch refined raw materials, like the sea salt and the suet (the special paste that protects the prosciutto during its long maturation). You will smell the unique aromas from the various rooms. It is a unique tasting experience with delicious thin slices that melt in your mouth, to be enjoyed alone or paired with handmade hazelnut bread sticks. The three parts of the prosciutto will tempt your taste buds in a vertical of flavors: the bow, with its particular intensity, the tip, characterized by the marbling and, the shin, with its smooth, sweet taste; it’s an experience for true connoisseurs.

During the one hour visit you can ask questions take pictures, and if you like, take a little San Daniele home with you, after you have carefully chosen a slice in the Boutique del Prosciutto, the shop located within the Prosciuttificio.

For lunch we’re headed to l’Osteria di Villafredda, a few kilometers East in Loneriacco, near Tarcento. As the name suggests, Luca and Barbara respect tradition and local cuisine and at the same time pay close attention to presentation with great care for details.

The Osteria has a familiar air, Luca the chef is extremely careful about his choice of raw materials. The sidhes are simple and traditional but with that little something extra.

The restaurant takes its name from the nearby Medieval village, Villafredda. It is a turreted village from the early 16th century that was resiudence to a noble family from Mantova. A short walk after lunch takes you to  “Borgo Vecchio” a village within Villafredda.

The first days comes to a close at the wine cellar in Mont’Albano in Savorgnano. They are winemakers that for over 30 years has practiced organic wine making; the first in Friuli. You will meet Mauro Braidot (“Mister Organic”), a pioneer of organic production, that even before the existence of certification and European regulations to protect production, foresaw what is happening now in agriculture. You will hear in detail as he recounts his impassioned tale about his business, principles and his dreams, which have been important to his personal growth and made him the person he is today. The rules for certified organic production will be explained as well as the ”feelings” behind cultivation, because Mont’Albano produces organically not just for the certification but above all because it is a matter of the heart: to protect our environment and all of our region for those who work here. Then a wine tasting of selected wines of different vintages will follow in order to best understand how every aspect of nature can influence the final product.  

Dinner and evening activities to be organized independently.

The second day takes you deep into the tropical forest. Bordano is a tiny village of just 500 inhabitants that reside right on the border between the high Friulian plain and the Julian Prealps. It is here that you can find, for over 15 years, Italy’s largest Butterfly House. At the heart of the structure are three climate-controlled greenhouses that recreate a tropical rainforest, with actual plants and animals from those regions. The greenhouses represent the African jungle, Southeast Asian Forests and the Amazon rainforest. Expert guides will accompany you as they tell bizarre and compelling stories about the world of butterflies and insects. Giant butterflies of every color will excite and amaze you as they fly around and land on you. You can even touch the extraordinary stick-like and leaf-like insects, Birba the parrot and many others that make their home in this Friulian jungle.

The guides at the Butterfly House will also escort you to the nearby Cavazzo Lake, Friuli’s largest natural basin. It’s a restorative walk throughout an ecosystem that is unexpectedly rich with a variety ofanimal and plant species.

Lunch and a tour of the micro-dairy at Azienda Agricola Colomba round out the day. Your first stop will be the barn to meet the cows and learn how they are milked traditionally by hand and, by the modern mechanical method; you can see the advantages and disadvantages of both techniques. From there it’s off to Al Tulin’s mini-dairy, found right inside the agriturismo, which is located in Montenars (From the middle of June until September the same experience is possible visiting Malga Confin, where Ennio, Gabri and the whole family, including the cows relocate for the summer). The fresh milk is brought form the barn to the dairy to be transformed into cheese, butter, ricotta, and yogurt. You can see the difference in the color, the aroma and the taste of the fresh milk compared to store-bought milk. You can witness the “miraculous” transformation from liquid to solid and you will see cream become butter in the churn. You will taste ricotta fresh from the vat and yogurt that is still warm. You can visit where the cheese is aged, where every single wheel is meticulously turned day after day and you can witness the magic that is cheese, how it changes color as the days pass. Cheese is available for purchase as well as Al Tulin’s other artisan products.


Day 1

  • Prosciuttificio Prolongo: Tour of the prosciuttificio and the maturationhalls
  • Osteria di Villafredda: lunch
  • Visit Loneriacco, Medieval village
  • Mont'Albano: visit the winery
  • Dinner and hotel reservations to be organized independently

Day 2

  • Butterfly House: visit of the musem and the tropical greenhouses
  • Tour of Cavazzo Lake
  • Al Tulin or Malga Confin (indicatively from June to the beginning of September in malga): lunch and tour of the dairy

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