First day


We will start our tour at lunch in Osteria di Villafredda, surrounded by the sweet hills of Tarcento. Chef Luca is a man of few words but is quite careful in choosing the raw materials as well as to the presentation of the dish. As we can understand from the name “Osteria”, Luca and Barbara  pay a lot of attention to the history, the tradition and the typical cuisine of the region without leaving behind an extreme care for the details. The Osteria has a family atmosphere andLuca selects only the best raw materials for his clients. The dishes reflect the simple tradition, but with a spark.

Luca and Barbara’s restaurant gets its name from the nearby medieval village of Villafredda. This village began to prosper during the early five hundreds as the noble residence of a family from Mantova.

The day continues in San Daniele, land of the ham. An exclusive guided tour will take us inside Prolongo’s Prosciuttificio to stimulate the five senses and discover one more.  

At the beginning of the visit you will be greeted with a short story about the Prolongo family, which has been treating ham for more than three generations. You will gradually discover every secret of the slow process which lies behind this famous product, a long lasting symbol of San Daniele city. You will have the occasion to walk inside the halls where the ham is aged and to admire them while resting on shelves made out of spruce timber. You will hear the gentle sound of the ancient sea breeze that blows through these walls. You will touch with your own hand the raw material accurately chosen, such as the sea salt and the “sugna” ( the special dough which protects the ham during their long aging process). You will smell the different fragrances coming from each room. You will finally live a unique tasting experience with thin, delicious slices that will melt in your mouth simply together with some hazelnut breadsticks. The thing to delight your palate will be a series of tastings from the different parts of the ham: the “maza”, with its particular intensity, the “punta”, characterised by its sharp moirè effect and the “caña”,with its delicate and sweet taste; an experience for true connoisseurs.


During the visit you may ask questions and you are allowed to take pictures. If you want to, you can take home a piece of ham which you will find in the nearby Boutique.

We will finish our day with a visit to the town of San Daniele del Friuli, discovering a special historic and artistic itinerary that will lead us to acknowledge the characteristics of this famous place, such asthe ancient Town Hall Palace and its loggia, the Trecento House and the S.Maria della Fratta Church.

Dinner time is free and overnight stay

Second Day

The second day starts in Venzone which has been recently named the most beautiful village of Italy. The town has certainly been founded before the year 1000 and was surrounded by walls which are still well preserved nowadays. During the visit of the Duomo you will discover the most fascinating story ever: built during the first years of the 300s, the building was completely destroyed in 1976 when a terrible earthquake devasted the upper part of our region. The Duomo here in Venzone is a perfect example of a“philological reconstruction” because it was rebuilt exactly as it was back then: the stones were gathered, catalogued one by one and put back exactly in their original place. Next to the Duomo, it will be possible to see the mummies of Venzone in the S.Michele chapel. The story behind these is linked to the Hunchback who moved to Paris during the Napoleonic period and probably the one that inspired Victor Hugo to write the famous work “The Hunchback of Notre Dame".

The earthquake that happened in 1976 is considered for various reason the starting point (better the restarting point) of the presentFriuli and if you have the chance to meet an old man that still remembers those days, you can easily sense the fear yourself like never before.

The tour continues in Montenars visiting Ennio and Gabriella. The first thing to discover is the cowshed! You will be led inside the stall to meet the cows and learn the different types of milking methods, the traditional and the mechanical ones in order to compare and contrast both pros and cons. We will guide you to the visit of the mini dairy farm situated inside the Al Tulin agritourism in Montenars (from the middle of June until September the same visit could be done in Malga Confin where Ennio and Gabri bring their cows for the hot season). The fresh milk arrives at the dairy farmin order to be processed in cheese, butter, ricotta and joghurt. You will notice the difference in colour and taste between the fresh milk and the commercial one you usually have at home. You will have the opportunity to look at the magic of the liquid milk turning into solid and you will see the cream turning into butter inside the “zangola”. You will taste the ricotta just made and the joghurt still warm. We will bring you to the aging rooms where every single cheese wheel is turned upside down day after day and you will assist the change in color of cheese time after time. For whoever whishes to, it will be possible to buy these fresh products.

The day finishes with the visit to the Mont’Albano cellar in Savorgnano. You will arrive in a cellar where it has been produced biological wine for more than 30 years: the first in Friuli to go bio. You will meet Mauro Braidot (aka Mr.Bio), a pioneer of the organic production method who already knew what was going to happen nowadays back in the days when the bio certifications and the european laws didn’t still exist. You will experience in first person his passionate story about the historical details of his company and the beliefs and dreams that made it grow. We will present to you the certification methods and the conditions required to be considered bio but also the “feelings” because for Mont’Albano producing bio wine is not only a fact of having a piece of paper to certificate it but mostly a “heart affair”: to safeguard our environment, our territories and the people who work for it.

Next step will be a tasting of wines with different aging periods to understand that every aspect of nature can affect the final product.



Day 1  


11.00: Arrival in Mont’Albano Bed & Living

12.30: Osteria di Villafredda: lunch

15.30: Prosciuttificio Prolongo: visiting the prosciuttificio and its aging rooms

17.00 Guided Tour to the town of San Daniele

Free evening and overnight stay


Day 2


9.00: Venzone: visiting the medieval town, from the Duomo to the mummies

12.00: Al Tulin or Malga Confin (depending on the season in which the visit takes place) lunch and guided tour of the mini dairy farm

15.00: Visit and tasting at the Mont’Albano Agricola cellar

16.30: End of tour

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