More festivals in San Daniele
The 2019 edition of San Daniele’s Grand Kermis (Festival)
June 21, 2019

The "Aria di San Daniele" festival is one of Friuli Venezia Giulia’s biggest festivals. This year the festival takes place from June 21st to June 24th and includes tastings, show-cooking and cooking classes,  incontri con i prosciuttifici, incontri e dibattiti, itinerari turistici, concerti, stand gastronomici e molto altro. Il Prosciuttificio Prolongo è in prima linea con le visite alle sale di stagionatura, percorsi sensoriali e uno stand con piatti e prodotti tipici.

Summer in the Malga
Suitcases and supplies to Malga Confin
June 14, 2019

Al Tulin’s “blended family” which inlcudes Ennio, Gabri, their kids and collaborators, cows, sheeps, horses and more relocates from the barn at the agriturismo in Montenars to high in the foothills of Malga Confin, above Venzone. Here they spend the summer awaiting guests with numerous activities, for lunch, to spend the night, and as a base for countless high-altitude excursions. Their micro-dairy also moves with the family so the cheese from the hills becomes cheese from the mountains!

Everybody in the cellar!
"Cantine aperte" / Open Wine Cellar 2019
May 25, 2019

It’s the don’t-miss event of the year for Friuli’s wine connoisseurs: Cantine Aperte, (Open Wineries) awaits you Saturday May 25th and Sunday May 26th. It is during this weekend that you can try the region’s great wines and meet the producers who, through their work, liven the scene of one of Italy’s best regions for vinification. Numerous initiatives inside the wineries compete the experience like, “Dinner with the Vinter” and “Open Winery Dish, ” accommodations available at Buon Dormire and much more. The Mont’Albano winery has always taken part in the Open Winery event, paving the way for organic wine production in the region.

The butterflies return to fly
The greenhouses reopen at the Butterfly House in Bordano
March 23, 2019

Like every year in late March, the butterflies are back flying high in the greenhouses at the Butterfly House in Bordano. Here in this tiny village nested in Friuli’s plains it is possible to visit Italy’s largest tropical greenhouse until September. The three greenhouses represent three different bio-geographic zones: the African jungle, the forests of Southeast Asia and, the Amazon. It’s a trip around the world in little over an hour: in each greenhouse you will be delighted by trees, flowers and animals from that particular ecosystem. The Butterfly House is also a center for informal education for schools and it coordinates research projects and projects for sustainable agriculture in tropical countries.